S.T.E., S.A.
Share capital €500.000,00
Registered under nr. 501 474 285

Last update: 06/06/2013

Our Vision

The challenges and difficulties placed at companies activity, particularly sensed when these are located in an extremely competitive market and intense technological changes, require that, with flexibility and opportunity, the companies should conduct the structural changes that current and foreseeable developments oblige.
 Aware of these changes and on a market where telecommunications are permanently the driving force in the development of modern societies, the STE states itself as a company able to offer its customers the most suitable for solutions in a timely and offering all services necessary for their satisfaction, establishing with them a true partnership.


Openness, Flexibility, Answer Capacity,

Complementarity and Cooperation

 are the values ​​that we continue to build and we believe as determinants  for the future needs.