S.T.E., S.A.
Share capital €500.000,00
Registered under nr. 501 474 285

Last update: 06/06/2013

Branch Angola

STE has, since its formation, a branch in Luanda with its own capacity and local professionals, complemented by technical experts from headquarters, maintaining an active presence with major operators.

This position has allowed achieving various contracts of communication equipment, antenna support towers, containerized shelter, power and cooling systems for telecommunications installation services, engineering, surveys, and "drive tests", for the various operators and technology providers.

One of the most important contracts was the implementation of Broadband High capacity microwave network for Angola Telecom in al territory, starting in the field in 1979 and consequent implementation of all maintennace and operation support structure to the microwave network starting in 1984.

It is noted other more recent projects for Angola Telecom, Movicel, Mercury, Huawei, Red Cross, and various other government entities and providers of telecommunications technology.