S.T.E., S.A.
Share capital €500.000,00
Registered under nr. 501 474 285

Last update: 06/06/2013


STE, Serviços de Telecomunicações e Electrónica, SA, was established as a public limited company in November 1984, bringing together the areas of installation and engineering of "Centrel Automatica  Eléctrica Portuguesa" a Portuguese leader in public switching systems and with a detachable position in systems for defense.

 Gaining a leader position in the Portuguese market in providing high capacity microwave telecommunications systems, STE in the 90's years diversified its activity to Telecommunications infrastructures, Electrical Installations of LV, MV and Power Systems, Structured Cabling Systems, CCTV and Intrusion detection systems and Electromagnetic Protection.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company was recognized for its know-how in microwave transmission systems, and at that time held the most important projects in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.
 With a capacity of systems engineering unmatched, in end of 90's the company reached the lead in the implementation of telecommunication networks for microwave, celular infrastructures, having as main customers Portugal Telecom, Angola Telecom, Marconi, Armed Forces, Electricity of Portugal, Portuguese Air Force and many others.

The constant adaptation to the market transformations, recently recommended a new strategic position oriented for supplying specialized services and systems integration in transmission’s systems, communications and telecom infra-structure, which in conjunction with new shareholder changes, occurred in 2009, resulted in the spin-off of some areas of business and consequent reduction in staff.

At present, we can affirm us as a company with differential features, capable of providing coherent and effective solutions, integrating different substrates using different technological competencies, to the most significant sectors of the telecommunications market, professional electronics and energy systems.

With Headquartered in Prior Velho, Lisbon surroundings, near of Lisbon Airport, has facilitated access at the 2nd Circular Highway North, Ponte Vasco da Gama, occupying about 800 m2 of office area and 1000 m2 warehouse.


Nearly 30 years of enriching history in providing telecommunications systems for the domestic and international market.