S.T.E., S.A.
Share capital €500.000,00
Registered under nr. 501 474 285

Last update: 06/06/2013


In its ambit of activity STE, Serviços de Telecomunicações e Electrónica, SA, is proud to implement with success several projects with great complexity, integrating several specialized areas and with different technological substrates, highlighting in particular:

      National Program for Development of the National Network for High Capacity Microwave

       Regional Program for Medium and High Capacity. (Radio and Fiber Optics)

       POACCS, Network Broadband Communications and Infrastructure associated to FAP

       Network Communications Fiber Optic Interconnection of Staffs

      Fields Antennas ShipShore MF / HF Cinciberlant

       MEKO 200 Communications System for Portuguese Frigates

      National Network Cable TV, Central and South zones

      CCTV and integration of intrusion system fro CCB

      Installation and supply of Infrastructure for Radio Communications System Ground-Train for Refer

       National Network GSM - for Vodafone Telecel

       Integrated System for Military Communications - SICOM / EMGFA

       National Network of GSM / DCS - for Optimus

       VTS's systems for Leixões, Setúbal and Lisbon harbors

       Protection System for Joint Operational Command of EMGFA

       Brisa - Migrate Project

Add to these, a few other projects carried out in overseas, among which are:

      National Network of Telecommunications of the Republic of Angola Microwave

       Implementation of Structure Maintenance and Service network of Angola Telecom Telecommunications

       Implementation of infrastructure support antennas for MS Telecom network Luanda-Benguela

       Participation in the implementation of the cellular network in Morocco

      Paticipation in the implemenation and commissioning of Timor lorosae High capacity Microwave

      Participation in the Survey and pre-study for the implementation of the access network for Cellco, the Democratic Republic of Congo

       Provision of installation of transmission equipment, "Back-Hauling" and "Core" for Huawei